Protective Technological Products

Zero Contact Tool

Self-sanitizing with antibacterial properties, this device lets you safely touch those contact points that carry the most risk for the spread of viruses in daily life, and that are regularly used by more than one person, such as door handles and elevator buttons.

More Details

Product Specifications
● Preventing direct contact with many surfaces, this product allows you to avoid the risk-bearing elements of daily routine.
● Produced to an aesthetic design, this subsidiary product eliminates concern about contact safety.
● Available in various color options.
● Measurements: 11.5 cm x 3 cm x 2.5 cm
● Weight: 35 g.
● Keep filling the tank of the contact tool with liquid disinfectant for continuous hygiene.

Produced from plastic and ABS material. Available in pink, blue and white.

Product Areas of Use
useful to open and close doors, press buttons in public areas without direct contact.

RoHS, CA65

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