Protective Technological Products

UV Toothbrush Disinfector

UV toothbrush sanitizer suitable for family use. Its efficent in killing many microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses that grow and reproduce in toothbrush fibers especially by exposing your toothbrush to high-level super UV rays. This product is also effective against bacteria that cause bad breath and mouth conditions such as gingivitis. Suitable for individual use.

More Details

● Easy to assemble
● Has antivirus feature thanks to its UV-sensing technology. Skin-friendly.
● Scientifically-approved curved structure designed to reduce contact pollution, as well as the capacity to hold 4 brushes at once.
● Automatically stops when the procedure is completed or the lid is open.
● Integrated magnetic sensor for safe use.
● UV toothbrush sanitizer size: 200x75x40 mm.
● Used with a 220 V power source.
Produced from non-toxic, odorless and tasteless ABS material. Runs with integrated 1500mA lithium battery and charged with a USB charger. 360-sec automatic timing, LCD screen and UV lamp featured.

Product Areas of Use
Use for sanitizing toothbrushes.


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