Protective Technological Products

Mist Effect Air Humidifier

Cleans particles in the air during the day and ensures that the room stays humidified during the night with its strong vapor effect. Ensures that unwanted microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria are killed due to sanitizing liquids added to the water, with its nanotechnological feature and ultrasonic wave emission capacity. Aesthetically harmonious with all types of spaces with ergonomic and chic design. Aside from its strong fogging capacity using little energy and water, also spreads aromatic odors. Humidifies through fogging with polymer atomization technology, creates fresh air, and is good for the skin due to the quality of the generated vapor. Ensures your environment is healthy and satisfies the need for humidity.

More Details

Product Specifications
● Cleans particles in the air for 4 hours during the day and humidifies for 8 hours during the night with two work modes, allowing you to sleep better by increasing the air quality of the room.
● 250 mL Volume
● Emits less than 30 decibels, thus suitable for use in bedrooms.
● The humidifier's casing is waterproof
● Can be used as a decorative object with changing LED lights
● Easily charged with the integrated USB charging slot
● Works with 5V energy
● Provides 35mL per hour mist emission
ABS, PP, Silicone

Product Areas of Use
Can be easily used in many areas such as home, office, desktop, shelf, etc. Suitable for car use.

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