Protective Textile Products

Reusable Microfiber Mask

Produced from high quality 3-layered cotton, this mask provides effective protection against viruses and bacteria transmitted through droplets from the outside.

More Details

Product Specifications
● Resistant for up to 10 uses with its anti-allergic property.
● Provides protection against solids and liquids, dust and smoke.
● Guards against 96% of particles in the air.
● Hand and machine washable for re-use.
● Comfortable to use with its ergonomic design and super-soft material
● Color options available
● Masks are for individual use
● Produced from flexible cotton, standard size suitable for adults.
● Does not contain latex and fiberglass
● Eco-friendly

80% Cotton, 18% Polyamide, 2% Elastane

Color Options
Green, White, Yellow, Blue, Red and Black.

Product Areas of Use
Suitable for individual use, the mask can be used in all outdoor and indoor spaces. Must be washed at 60°C after each use.

TS EN ISO 18184:2019, CE, EN 14683 2019.
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