Protective Textile Products

Protective Clothing

Suitable for use in all 4 seasons, resistant, protective clothing with hood. Produced in unisex design. Provides protection against viruses and bacteria spreading through droplets.

More Details

Product Specifications
● Designed and produced to address different needs such as "re-usable" and "single-use".
● Resistant to water and liquid droplets.
● Elastic for comfortable daily use.
● Easy to carry thanks to flexible, light and foldable fabric.
● Produced in different colors and sizes, and transparent and colored options.
● Licensed and non-licensed designs available.
Produced from eco-friendly 100% polyester PVC, elastic PE or EVA materials.

Product Areas of Use
With material suitable for daily use and resistant to climate conditions, can be comfortably used in outdoor spaces, public transport vehicles, rainy conditions, etc.

OEKO TEX, Azo-Free, TS EN ISO 18184, CE.
*Avaliable Upon Request
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