Protective Textile Products

Hat with Visor

Produced from high quality materials and 100% cotton fabric, the product can be easily used in all 4 seasons thanks to its ergonomic use, and provides effective protection against viruses and bacteria transmitted through droplets from the outside.

More Details

Product Specifications
● Ergonomic use due to its clear opacity and non-distorting wrapping.
● Aesthetic appearance with its original and modern design.
● Allows easy breathing for children for long period of time.
● Hat fabric resistant to sunlight and providing perfect protection against external droplets.
● Anti-fog property ensures use without any vapor forming.
● Anti-static property ensures prevention of discomfort that can stem from electrification.
● Effectively guards against liquid particles, dust, viruses and bacteria.
● Can be easily used as part of your daily routine and can be placed over the mouth area without any contact.
● Easy to clean and re-usable.
● Suitable for individual and professional use.
● Available in various color options.
● Eco-friendly and recyclable.
Hat - 100% Cotton
Face Shield - PET

Product Areas of Use
Suitable for individual or professional use in all outdoor and indoor spaces.

CE, OEKO TEX Certificate, Reach, Azo-Free, ISO 9001:2015
*Avaliable Upon Request
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