Protective Textile Products

100% Cotton Antibacterial Mask

Produced from high quality 100% cotton, the face mask is soft to the touch, comfortable and breathable.

More Details

Product Specifications
● Produced from 100% cotton fabric
● Eco-friendly with its natural fiber and organic dye content.
● Hand and machine washable for re-use. 
● Antibacterial.
● Ergonomic design for comfortable use.
● Available in various colors.
● Masks are for individual use.
● Produced from flexible cotton, standard size and suitable for adults.
● Thanks to its multiple layers, provides effective protection against viruses.
● Anti-allergic
● Has 95% bacteria filtration property
● Machine washable at 60°C.
100% cotton, natural fiber and natural organic dye.

Product Areas of Use
Mask suitable for individual use and use in all outdoor and indoor spaces.

CE, EN 14683 2019+AC, OEKO TEX, TS EN ISO 13937-2.

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