Protective Technological Products

Professional UV Disinfectant

Exposes all kinds of spreading pathogens in all kinds of areas to high levels of UV light; mites, bacteria and viruses included.

More Details

Product Specifications
● Stainless steel portable UV sanitation device with infrared sensor, four units or two units.
● Cylinder power: 100 W
● Cylinder number: Available in 4- or 2-cylinder options.
● Application area: 60 m2
● Voltage: 220V± 10%, Frequency: 50HZ± 10%
● Input power: 180VA
● UV Wavelength: 253.7 nm
● UV Lighting: ≥42828/ cm2
● Can be run with 2 or 4 lamps by pressing the "Lamp 1" or "Lamp 2" buttons.
● Lamps have side compartments for safe storage.
● Running angles of the lamp arms can be adjusted from 30-180°.
● Timer can be set to the desired duration between 15 and 40 minutes.
● Automatic shutdown is triggered when motion is detected. When no more motion is detected, sterilization automatically continues.
Product Areas of Use
The UV room sanitizer is not only designed for use in hospitals but also in schools, playgrounds, hotels, clinics, homes, cinemas, buildings, food production companies and offices.
Ensures fast and efficient disinfection of air and surfaces within minutes.


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