Protective Textile Products

N95 Mask

The product is available in a sealed single package. Not for single use, re-usable. May be re-used after aeration. Unlike surgical masks, provides 99% protection from viruses. For re-use, the mask is taken off after hands have been sanitized, wrapped in a breather-type paper bag or paper towel (use a different one each time) and kept in a clean place. Plastic bags are not recommended for this purpose. The mask can be used up to 10 times in these preservation conditions. Thanks to its ergonomic design, it does not hurt the face or ears, and does not cause discomfort when speaking. Provides easy breathing thanks to its high performing filter material. The N95 mask blocks particles from coughing and sneezing, and ensures filtration when breathing.

More Details

Product Specifications
Reduces breathing resistance with low breathing resistance filter technology, provides effective filter performance, enhancing ease and comfort of breathing.
● Fits various face forms and sizes with its special design, allowing more face movement while speaking. Easy to put on and to store when not in use thanks to its special design.
● Wide field of vision and optimized fitting, thanks to a nose panel that fits the face perfectly, and curved, low-profile design fitting the nose and eye contours perfectly.
● Ergonomic design, reducing the flow of hot and steamy expiration air from the upper panel, and helping suppress the formation of vapor in eye equipment.
● Provides reliable and effective submicron protection.
When used in suitable conditions, reduces the risk of FFP1 infection 4-fold, FFP2 infection 10-fold, and FFP3 infection 20-fold. Filtration efficacy for FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 are, respectively, 80%, 94% and 99.97%. Models with and without valves available.

Non-woven thread fabric and latex.

Product Areas of Use
Suitable for individual use, the mask can be used in all outdoor and indoor spaces.

EN 149: 2001 + A1: 2009, CE, Bacterial Filtration Efficiency Test, Breathability (Delta P) Test, Splash Resistance (Synthetic Blood) Test, Microbial Cleanliness Test, Biocompatibility Test.
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