Surface and Room Sanitizers

Fogging Disinfectant Liquid

Room disinfectant to be used with disinfecting fog machine and it is suitable for use in all living areas. Add the product at the recommended dose to the tank of the application device.

More Details

Product Specifications
● Suitable for use on all surfaces with its formulation supported by ethyl alcohol, and containing quaternary ammonium salt, whose sanitizing property has been scientifically proven.
● Contains essences of hypericum perforatum (tipton's weed), melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree), glycyrrhiza glabra (liquorice root), whose disinfecting properties are known.
● Does not contain triclosan, paraben or phthalate.
● Non-toxic.
● Microbiologically tested.
● Fast acting.
● Does not react with external substances.
● Non-caustic, coloring or discoloring.
● Stainless
● Does not have any corrosive effect when coming into contact with metallic accessories.
● Easy to apply
Water, denatured ethyl alcohol, benzalkonium chloride, hypericum perforatu (tipton's weed) extract, melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) extract, glycirrhiza glabra (liquorice root) extract.

Product Areas of Use
Suitable for use in all areas such as car, office or home.

Spray as mist. Ventilate the room for 15 minutes after spraying.

EPA, EU, =, virucidal test.

1000 mL
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