Our Story
Molecure was created to ensure a healthy life against daily increasing threats to humanity and the environment. The brand compiled products that protect human health under the “SkinCare”, “BioCare”, “SoftCare”, “ Tech Care” a n d “ProCare” categor ies . With more than 60 products from the fields of chemistry, technology and textile developed under the counsel of the Molecure Scientific Advisory Board - constituted of reputable scientists, internationally recognized for their success in their fields - and subjected to 432 separate clinical tests for each and every thread to particle, as well as obtaining the relevant certificates, Molecure has one single objective: Protecting the world and its people.
You can explore exciting career opportunities at Molecure at hr@itsmolecure.com
Customer Care
You can reach our customer care team at info@itsmolecure.com
Social Impact
The dangers we face today have motivated the establishment of our company. We have created a scientific and technological infrastructure, gathered experts in their field and scientists who are dedicated to their work and make every effort to achieve our goal. We regularly support aid organizations in the health sector with 10% of our profits.
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